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Myst coming to the Apple iPhone

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The Myth of the game fans will be delighted to hear that finally will bring the game below on your Apple iPhone was released as the application that has a cost of $ 5.99 and a size of downloads as "extra-large" with its 84 MB of weight!

Myst is a game created by brothers Robyn and Rand Miller, founder of Cyan, Inc. (later, Cyan Worlds, Inc.) in 1993. This is a revolutionary game for its time, and a major source of inspiration for the graphic adventures of the following years [no source]. The overall objective of the developers was to create a real parallel world, where the player can fully immerse themselves and interact as realistically as possible.


The game, originally built in HyperCard on Apple Macintosh platform, consists mainly of static images pre-rendered (some occasional events, such as butterflies flying, they are integrated into QuickTime movies). A key contribution to the realism of the game is given by the sounds of environments, very carefully, like the evocative soundtrack composed of original pieces.

According to the creators, the name of the game, as well as the general atmosphere of the deserted and mysterious, was inspired by the book The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne or even more from the invention of Morel by Adolfo Bioy Casares. This novel tells of an anonymous traveler who is found on a surreal influenced by a "generator of reality" created by a brilliant but mad scientist.


In unclear circumstances, the player (called the universe of the Aliens Myst), comes to be through the hands an old book titled Myst. Peeled, to a certain point, the eye jumps to a strange image in motion, showing the aerial view of an extremely bizarre. Relying on the hand, almost without thinking, the player is found unexpectedly catapulted the place depicted in the image. Looking around, came to be known exactly in the small harbor on the island that had seen between the pages of the book, all around him feel just the sound of the sea, and seagulls in the sky that Garry. Unable to return to his world, the player has no choice but to start to wander the island.

In addition to a ticket written by someone who signed Atrus, containing instructions to a certain Catherine, does not take the player to discover that the island of mists is also home to many fascinating buildings. The middle one seems to be a kind of library in which, on the dusty shelves of a library, there are a plethora of tomes, most of which is, however, been corroded by the flames of a possible fire. The only books remained intact diaries seem to some in which the writer describes in detail his explorations of surreal worlds, including sketches and topographic maps. All the diaries are written as if those worlds were apparently created by the author himself.

On two pedestals placed on either side of the room, you will also find a red book and blue book, with each next to a page where the same color. Initially opening the books, the player finds the title in two images heavily disturbed, similar to interference on the screen of a television. Adding the relevant pages, red or blue, he discovered that within each of the books seems to be a trapped individual. The two characters, Sirrus and Achen, asking each to bring them only the pages of his color, for release from prison.

By continuing to explore the island, the player ends up with him to discover other books similar to that of Myst. Each of these books have the power to carry those who browse in an enchanted world, just as had happened at the beginning of adventure, when the protagonist was portrayed sucked on in the book of Myst. All these books are magical but hidden in inaccessible places on the island and the only way to find out is to solve the riddles that will then function of the curious device, revealing the location.

Parallel worlds in which the player will be called off to visit clues are scattered on a dark and gloomy past of greed and violence linked to the family of Atrus, Sirrus and referred Achene are the children. The player will be forced to choose which road to take, whether to trust or Sirrus Achene during his journey in the hope of being able to find a way to return home.

How to Play

Myst is different from other adventure games of contemporaries in many respects. First, the whole thing is in first person the player itself, there are other characters in dress clothes. Because of this, so they are completely missing the inventory and any other possible game interface. The whole idea behind the game tip heavily on these features, aiming at providing an experience at the highest levels of involvement. The player, like any person in a real world, is unable to carry items in large quantities and is cut off from any type of aid provided by any indicators or disappearance of menu screens of the game. The control system of Myst, which is extremely simple and intuitive, is based entirely on the mouse. Moving the pointer (in the shape of a hand) on the screen and clicking in the areas of interest you can move and interact with the world around them.

The game mainly consists in solving several riddles to operate the machines picturesque Island of mists and in the various parallel worlds that you can visit. Ideally speaking, it is as if the player was truly transported into another dimension, which must then find a way of escape. To succeed in returning home, the player is then "forced" to explore these wonderful places, collecting clues and interacting with the environments so that they can move forward in history until the end.

There are no enemies that can "kill" as in some other games, although it is actually contemplated the possibility of reaching a situation which is no longer feasible to continue the happy ending. These occasions, which are part of the intriguing aspects of history, are immediately clear when we come across.

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