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Little Britain The Video Game is a fun and entertaining collection of mini-games presented in the format of an episode from the TV show and players can get interactive with their favourite sketch show characters in a series of eight mini-games featuring Lou and Andy, Vicky Pollard, Mr. Mann, Emily and Florence, Marjorie Dawes, Daffyd Thomas, Judy & Maggie and Letty. Each mini game plays like a sketch from the TV show and to win the game, the player must progress through all the sketches to the end of the show, where the credits will roll.

The characters have all been modelled in 3D and hand animated to bring them to life, giving them the characteristics of their real-life counterparts. The voices will be provided by the stars of the TV show, Matt Lucas and

David Walliams who have also played an integral part in the scripting of the game and narrated by Tom Baker, ensuring that consumers will enjoy an authentic Little Britain experience, when playing.

All of the characters will be using their catchphrases recorded by Lucas and Walliams capturing the essence and humour of the show and the game will include the following favourite characters –

Lou and Andy – "If you have a verruca and would like to share it with others why not pop down to your local swimming pool"
Vicky Pollard – "It’s a school day so Vicky Pollard has taken herself off to the park."
Mr.Mann – "Toys in Britain are sold in Toy Shops. This isn’t a Toy Shop it’s a real shop!"
Emily and Florence – "Men dressing up in women’s clothing is in my view a disgusting perversion, yes I am sitting here in bra and panties but I draw the line there!"
Marjorie Dawes – "If I had my way fat people would be strangled at birth but unfortunately they are permitted to live!"
Daffyd Thomas – "In the small mining village of Llandewi Breffi lies the home of homosexual gay Daffyd Thomas."
Judy and Maggie – "One thing this country does better than all the others is fetes. Today in the charming village of Pox the ladies of the Women’s Association are judging the food."
Letty – Moonwhile in Slut, Letty is admiring her froggy ornaments."



Little Britain The Video Game Trailer

Release Date: 02 February 2007
Genre: Action

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