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Determinance is the first ever true swordfighting game. Forget combos and motion capture. In fact, forget everything you think you know about so-called "fighting" games. Think total freedom: move your sword any way you want, develop your own style, and meet a thousand other ones when you step online. Stop letting games designers dictate your fighting style: see something you like in a movie and try it next time you duel. With complete control over your sword and body you can fight in any way you choose: stylised or minimalist, eastern or western, kung-fu or medieval. Or just plain dramatic. You decide.

Gameplay Features:
- Freeform Sword Fighting
- Up to 8 players online
- 10 individual characters
- 8 expansive levels
- Uniquely responsive dynamic music system designed specifically for an original score by electronic musician Paul Taylor
- Online world ranking and matchmaking system

System Requirements

P3 800 MHz
256 meg RAM
DX7 graphics

P4 1.5 GHz
512 meg RAM
DX8 graphics
Internet access


Determinance Demo

Release Date: 14 February 2007
Genre: Action

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