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Beijing 2008

The Olympic Games have the accolade of not just being the world’s most famous sporting event, but in 2008 have the privilege of being hosted by China – undoubtedly the most talked about emerging economic and political power in the world. With Beijing 2008: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games (Beijing: 2008), SEGA will capture what makes the Olympic Games special by absorbing the cultural identity, and the athletic drama of the 2008 Olympic Games into the videogame. Beijing 2008 will feature uncanny realism with fully rendered models of the actual Olympic arenas where competitions take place as well as the surrounding cityscape of Beijing. Players will strive for national pride as 32 countries are represented in Beijing 2008 and over 35 different sporting events to participate in. For the first time ever in Olympics video game history, players will have the ability to compete against others online and compare scores on online leader boards; truly capturing the international competitive spirit of the Olympic Games.


* 32 National Teams Represented
o Numerous disciplines including
o Athletics
o Gymnastics
o Shooting
o Aquatics
o Weightlifting
o Table Tennis
o Kayak
o Cycling
o Judo
o Archery
o 38 Events in total
* Over 1000 character models
* Play as male and female competitors
* Comprehensive Game Modes
* Training
* Competition
* Career
* Competitive online gameplay for all platforms
* Complete live against opponents from around the world
* Download & upload best times & scores
* Download & upload ghosts of your best performances
* Full online leader boards
* LAN (Local Area Network) support for PC version

Beijing 2008 Screenshots

Beijing 2008 Trailer

Release Date: 31 July 2008
Genre: Olympic Sports

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