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Sonic and the Secret Rings

I see a lot of bad reviews for the game and after reading them, I find a common problem at lot of players get aggrivated with and quit before the game gets a chance to show its merit. 2 of the reviews I found the user was actually playing the game wrong. I’d like to add that when reading reviews for a game, if the review is short, the user probably knows very little about the game. Take the time to read longer reviews.

The game is an interesting one though and it should always be remembered when playing, Sonic runs on his own; if you want to slow to avoid something, you are going to have to slow him down. Sonic is Built for speed, most problems in the game you can get through using such, very rarely does the game require you to stop and wait. However there is that occasion that you want to stop and readjust yourself, or backtrack for some loot; the Camera will not turn around you mostly have to just backtrack knowing what was there.

This gets into the control scheme, which is so simple, it was throwing many users off. The remote is held sideways, with the + button on the top.(Which incidentally is also the Start Button as well as how you skip Cut scenes; The book explains this people, read it, it has a LOT of game tips) To run, do NOTHING, Sonic will automatically accelerate to top speed; as well as this, the game is built in a track which you can very rarely veer off. This being known, Sonic turns most corners for you. By tilting the remote to the sides, you can make sonic move left and right no the track. He isnt walking left and right, but more “changing Lanes” which attributes the game to more a Racing feel, you need to remember that Sonic will always be moving forward. To back track, you must tip the controller far enough back, which is nearly upside-down. [2]button is slide and Jump. tapping it is a small hop, holding it will slide, then long jump when released. [1]button is your brakes, stopping sonic, even in mid jump. The only complex manuever is using the homing attack/air-dash; to do so, the player must ‘thrust the controller forward.’ I found this description very innacurate as there are in fact 3 ways to do this and get the same result, the players who read this can pick the best one for them: First there is the obvious, thrust the controller forward; I find this one uncomfortable as you often have to exagerate the movement. Second theres a flicking motion that works, let go of the remote wit the hand thats is

NOT strapped to it and simply flick it forward; this one is easy to do, but sometimes you get a wrist cramp. Last, and my personal favorite; flick the remote instead upwards then back down, just like flicking the reigns of a horse; I find this one works because its easy and reliable and gives Sonic his “giddy-up.” Lastly, the D-Pad is eventually used for your super moves.

As you progress through gameplay, you’ll accumulate experience and eventually levels, allowing access to those cool skills you saw in the teasers for the game. Such skills as Speed Break and Time Break, making your normal moves do damage, such as sliding and cancel jump, and lastly give boosting abilities to Sonic Manuevers, like smoother control, longer jumps, and easier execution. Any of these skill can be equipped through the skill rings once they are unlocked, however you only have so many Skill points and must choose your skills wisely. They can be changes any time between missions however.

Story wise, if you are a normal watch of anime or anything subbed. I first recomend that you go into the options and change the game to Japanese with subtitles. The Japanese Voice Actors sound a hell of a lot better and it usually makes for less agitating Cut Scenes. Yes, I did just say the cut scenes are agitating, but not always. After certain missions a cut scene will automatically play, this happens every time you beat the mission, even if you just go back to get a better time. Luckily, all these can be skipped by pressing the [+]button. The Story is represented through these Cut Scenes in a comic book style, representing Sonic Being in 1001 Arabian Nights, the setting for the game. Sonic, accompanied by Shahra the Genie must collect the 7 World Rings and stop the Erazor Djinn from destroying 1001 Arabian Nights and entering the real world. On the way he meets all heroes and legends from the book with some famillier faces as they help him on his way to stop Erazor Djinn and the beast he brings to life from the old stories. My first impression of the game story was not so good, I though the PS3 version had a much better game premise, but the more I played the more I got into the idea of the game and found myself more attracted to the idea of being in 1001 Arabian Nights. Many of the side characters and heroes from the tales are personified by Sonis’s old friends. Tails as Alibaba, Knuckles as Sinbad, etc. and is met with some comical features too, such as the Erazor Djinn with a ‘switch-blade’ sword that looks to be an old shaving razor.

Gameplay itself is fast paced, as Sonic can get moving pretty quick, but you still get a chance to observer the beautiful surroundings. You’ll meet several stages per world, some with new challenges than the other stages, others suspiciously simmilar to another stage in the same world, but with a completely differnt objective, giving plenty of mix to the game. Sometimes you’ll need to beat the clock, other times you’ll neet to collect 100 rings to beat 20 baddies. Sometimes its just ot make it through the level in one piece. No matter which way you play it, Sonic will give you a high speed ride through some fantastically beautiful worlds.

The only drawback to the game is the music score. Every level of each world is met by the same song per world. You’ll also find you’re quickly put off by the repetitive song played at the end of every stage or mission. I dont think the musoc score for the game had much thought put into it. My recomendation, turn off BGM and put some CD’s in your stereo.

Overall, Many skeptics have blammed the game right off, though they refuse to commit to it to actually find out if it is any good. Finish the intro world (Last Prologue) and play through a couple real game stages, you’ll get a much better feel for it. Also, relax, you dont need to drive Sonic on, remember, HE RUNS ON HIS OWN. You’ll still need to guide him, but theres a reason that he always runs, and he always tried to get to top speed, he wouldn’t be called ‘Sonic’ for any other reason if he wasen’t made to go fast. So, ignore the 2 line reviews that say, oh I rented this game and it sucks. If you have a Wii, you can afford to try it for yourself, renting isnt that expensive, But if you keep this guide in mind, you’ll find that you wont be dissapointed in your purchase.
Rating: 5 / 5

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