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Tortuga: Two Treasures

Tortuga: Two Treasures is a game which focuses on true pirate determination and action, with a strong and rewarding story line. Trade elements feature as a way of restocking your ship with cannons and ammunition, or for offloading booty from your recent plundering activities.

A former slave, you were freed from your chains by a sympathetic old sea dog. You then set out to make your name as a pirate, and take your pirate's revenge.

The searching quest for truth unfolds in over 30 cut scenes. Glorious sea battles, deadly sword fights and many other features expand the world of a pirate. You will face merciless enemies and cross many obstacles, yet there is more at stake here than first meets the eye.

Tortuga: Two Treasures Trainer
Features: Unlimited Health, Stamina, Massive Gold, One Hit Kills, Trader Always Had Enough Items to Sell.


Screenshots and Wallpapers

Tortuga - Two Treasures demo


Release Date: 16 February 2007
Genre: Action

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