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Premier Manager 08

Premier Manager 08 will mark the 13th game in the established football management series and promises a host of improvements over previous versions such as all new character and facilities systems and a new set of analytical tools.

Playability has always been at the core of Premier Manager and will be enhanced by a refreshed user interface, which enables extremely simple navigation and will make Premier Manager 08 one of the most accessible management games on the market. A revamped character system will integrate with a vastly enhanced set of facilities, such as training centres, to deliver a new reward system that will see a club’s players and staff improve inline with the quality of the tools at their disposal.

The player database for Premier Manager 08 will be updated up to summer 2007 to give gamers the most up to date experience possible. Further improvements include wider user options for training sessions, injury diagnosis and rehabilitation and enhanced scouting with new discover and research capabilities.

Special Features

* Analytical Tools
* Players can now monitor player and staff performance over a given period of time by utilising the Premier Manager analytical toolset.
* The ability to directly compare two players' skills and abilities will facilitate more informed decisions.
* Character System
* Every player and staff member now has their own persona, making man management more important than ever.
* As the game progresses every character in the game gains experience points. These will be vital to a teams ultimate success or failure.
* Training
* Sessions are now broken down into four areas - goalkeeping, defence, midfield and attack - giving the player more control.
* The new analytical tools let players preview the improvements a given training schedule will bring and then monitor the player and staff performance on the training ground as the season progresses.
* Physio
* The speed and quality of injury diagnosis and rehabilitation is not only dependent on the physio, but also the medical centre in which he works. Specialisation and good time management are essential.
* Facilities
* Facilities are integral to team and staff performance. A large level of choice allows managers to match the club's facilities to their style of play.
* Specialisation in one area it will give a club a larger improvement in a given direction. But choices have to be made carefully.
* Members of staff are intrinsically linked to their facilities and the better they both are, the more they can achieve.
* Scouting
* The scouts' new research and discover capability may well be the difference between signing the next big superstar or an over-paid bench warmer.
* Scout can give information about a players suitability, skills and contract status.
* Reward System
* The more a club develops in terms of personnel, performance and infrastructure the more scope there is for further progression.
* Incremental increases in skill levels will unlock task slots, stadiums and facilities.

Premier Manager 08 Trainer (Unlimited Money)

Premier Manager 08 Screenshots

Release Date: 17 August 2007
Genre: Sport

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