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Ghost in the Sheet

Ghost in the Sheet is a comedy adventure game of supernatural proportions. Become a ghost and master your new paranormal skill set to unravel the secrets of your life-after-death adventure! Mystery, intrigue, comedy and adventure await…aren’t you just dying to play?


* High resolution graphics with detailed animations to immerse the player
* Gripping storyline garnished with black comedy ‘afterlife’ style
* A RPG-like skill learning system – as the player progresses through the game, he learns new paranormal skills which are vital for future adventures
* Skills range from the conventional paranormal Telekinesis to obscure skills like Scary Sound
* Nonlinear gameplay that allows the player to freely roam the factor while solving a variety of puzzles in any order
* Music and sound design are seamlessly integrated into the game – enhancing gameplay and creating an enthralling, engaging atmosphere
* Humorous and entertaining minigames integrated into the gameplay
* No dying, mazes, slider puzzles, or timed sequences that can needlessly frustrate
* NPCs who reveal hints for puzzles and provide intriguing back-story
* Comic style cutscenes to supplement the plot

Ghost in the Sheet Screenshots

Release Date: 19 November 2007
Genre: Adventure

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