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A Vampyre Story

The classic adventure "A Vampyre Story" is penned by Bill Tiller, who was involved in the creation of such milestones of the genre as "The Dig" and "The Curse of Monkey Island". Players use a point-and-click interface to direct Mona and Froderick through a richly detailed world consisting of more than 30 beautifully hand-painted locations that utilizes real time 'Multiplane' camera technology, that entice the viewer to examine and explore. On her puzzle-filled journey to Paris, Mona meets more than 20 3D-characters, ranging from the just plane silly to the very strange, in over 15 hours of brain-teasing fun.


Features at a glance:
A classic point-and-click comic adventure created and directed by Bill Tiller.
More than 30 hand-drawn locations in 2D
rendered using a real time 3d 'multi-plane' camera
More than 25 characters
Mona's vampire abilities and restrictions create interesting gameplay.

Official Game Website

A Vampyre Story Screenshots

A Vampyre Story Trailer

Release Date: 25 January 2008
Genre: Adventure

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