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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Soulstorm

Soulstorm is the third and final expansion to the genre defining and critically acclaimed RTS, Dawn of War.

In Soulstorm, two new armies are introduced, raising the total number of playable armies in DoW to an unprecedented count of nine while also adding additional units to all existing factions. The revolutionary meta-game that was introduced in Dark Crusade is further expanded to an interplanetary scale, allowing players to battle across a star system. Combined with its sister products, Soulstorm makes Dawn of War the largest and most detailed RTS ever released.

Special Features

* Two New Armies: Two new armies open up a world of strategic and story possibilities. Raising the total number of available armies in DoW to nine, these two new factions fight with a new resource derived from the souls of the faithful and the fallen.
* New Air Units: Strategic warfare in the 41st Millennium gains a whole new dimension as each army gains new air units to rain death from the skies.
* Brutal Domination: Wage war across an entire solar system as the metagame map introduced in Dark Crusade is expanded to an interplanetary scale. Liberate, enslave, or destroy entire worlds as you unleash your armies fury across the galaxy. Players will now strive to conquer an entire solar system with multiple planets and moons to be conquered - in total 34 maps are available to the player (25 for DC).
* Enhanced Customisation: Customise your hero's weapons, items and abilities as he grows in power and personalise your army's insignias, colors, banners and names. Earn and unlock achievements and medals as you prove your superiority online.

Dawn of War - Soulstorm Screenshots

Dawn of War - Soulstorm Trailer

Release Date: 04 March 2008
Genre: Strategy

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