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Aggression: Europe 1914

Aggression: Europe 1914 brings to the player the chance of writing again the darkest history of the old continent. Between years 1914 and 1950, every women and men became slayers and victims in the most horrible wars the humankind suffered and now there is a chance to make things different.

This title pushes to the limit the real time strategy, thanks to a graphic engine which can support hundreds of detailed units in action at the same time, a 100% 3D scenario where every building is constructed based on hundreds of polygons and where the special effects displayed have not being seen before in games of the same genre.

Choose a nation between Germany, France, Russia or England and become more and more powerful on the way you decide: diplomacy, weaponry, infantry… Never the chances to make history were so spectacular.

Main Features of the Game

• Historical strategy game in a time period of 1910-1950.
• Completely 3D graphics in tactical and strategic mode, detailed map of Europe.
• Total freedom of player’s choices in strategy of own nation, capability to make an alternative history of Europe.
• Four playable nations: Russia, Great Britain, Germany, France.
• Historical campaigns for each key nation, during which the player may fulfill several hundred quests and experience the entire age of Total Wars, participate in both World Wars.
• 3D strategic map of Europe, with dozens of active historical figures.
• More than 150 types of combat units (infantry, cavalry, artillery, tanks and armored vehicles, aviation), modeled accurately from historical references.
• Political, economic and combat systems, which realistically convey the peculiarities of European politics and wars in 20th century.
• More than 200 real historical figures: politicians, generals, public figures who lived and made a difference in this time period.
• Large scale battles on 92 tactical maps, all in 3D.
• Battles at sea, land and air, battle planning, development of new arms and technologies (from a machine gun to the atomic bomb), political alliances and espionage.
• State of the art level of graphics, realistic physics, a wide choice of special effects, which create a unique, cinematic gameplay experience.

Aggression Screenshots

Aggression Trailer

Release Date: 21 December 2007
Genre: Strategy

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