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After Battlefield: Bad Company just for the console was announced, many fans felt the Battlefield series badly treated, even betrayed. Because otherwise you can probably destroy houses? With the tank umwalzen trees? And not only in great single player, but still great in multiplayer?

Dice the resulting Disappointments probably to Kentnis taken in and released the successor to both the console and on the PC. Consequently, following the announcement of the first trailer for no little attention - and is now there. The very simple and concise answer to the question of how the game is: You see nothing more from the game mechanics, but this cinematic and artistic absolutely valuable trailers, which really is exceptional - and shows us more than the teaser trailer of Modern 2nd Warfare
Also the two recently published artwork not reveal much about the game, in which one entire houses and trees to the ground can make - and yet they look great and are preparing ourselves effectively to the partly frozen before slaughter, after which we release in the winter beat will.

Stream high-resolution: GameTrailers.com

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