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MadWorld Trailer

Going virtual bowling with Grandma is all well and good, but not all Wii gamers want to play nice. Despite the Nintendo console's squeaky-clean rep, developers are churning out some seriously gritty offerings for the 17-plus set. Recent titles like House of the Dead: Overkill and Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers, which let players lay waste to the undead with impunity, are junior-high cotillion compared with the gore-iffic new MadWorld. The entire game is rendered à la Sin City—all black-and-white line art, except for the copious sprays of blood and sickening comic book-style sound effects (SPLAAAAAT! RIIIP!). Players are contestants on a futuristic game show in which they rack up points by maiming, decapitating, and bisecting other contestants.

MadWorld is the first title from PlatinumGames, a studio created by four hotshot Japanese developers who just left publishing house Capcom. They say they chose the Wii platform because its innovative motion controls add realism to the ultraviolence: Flicking the Wiimote lets you throw devastating punches, swing a chain saw, or perforate a rival on a spiked wall. Want a tutorial? See the sidebar for three ways to quench your bloodthirst.

MadWorld Trailer
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Deadly objects.
Know what gets people's attention? Cramming a tire over their head and then impaling them on a street sign. MadWorld has lots of objects lying around to amp up your killing spree.

Man darts.
Bodies make the best projectiles. Once you've beaten down a rival, you can toss them at things like giant dart boards, dumpsters with razor-sharp lids, or conveniently placed spinning saw blades.

Iron Maiden 2.0.
Contraptions like this spiky hydraulic press make short work of opponents. Grab a baseball bat and knock your foes under it for a juicy demise worthy of Ahnuld in The Terminator.



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