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Pro Evolution Soccer 2010: first item and survey

At six months away from commercialization, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is beginning to talk about himself through some indiscretions, opening in fact the usual war of critics and sales with historical rival FIFA, whose current version is 09 held by several players the best simulation Football exists.

According to our sources, Konami is keen to improve massively online component and significantly expand the teams and players on the license, but also make that leap forward in gameplay that you now feel the need for a very long time. Japanese developers would be building all of the criticism received in the last two years.

Other objects circulating in the network, however, go further than stating a possible 10 vs. 10 online master league and new graphics engine brand new.

We hope it is true and that sales, always extraordinary, Konami does not lead to sleep one year still on his laurels: for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, tentative return to the right path after the total flop of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, there was the promise of redo everything from scratch, but this has not happened at all.

After a pause sondaggione: what is the thing that more than anything else you would like to see Pro Evolution Soccer 2010?


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