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Game-aviasimulyator Top Gun for iPhone

We already wrote about the iPhone version to the legendary game Ā«TanchikiĀ». A newly emerged information that the company is preparing to release Freeverse aviasimulyator Top Gun for the iPhone.

Game-aviasimulyator Top Gun for iPhone
Top Gun for iPhone

aviasimulyator Top Gun for iPhone

Despite the fact that the iPhone was originally not a game console, the game Top Gun us waiting a decent 3D graphics to display shadows, realistic change of day and night, various weapons, as well as relentless ground anti-aircraft guns and ubiquitous enemy aircraft.

aviasimulyator Top Gun

Top Gun for iPhone

Company Freeverse

excellent 3D graphics to display shadows

Top Gun

Top Gun iPhone Preview: Bringing Back The Cold War

Source: Etoday

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