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Online game Lava-Online

For story online game Lava-Online June 12, 2012 eruption occurred Yeloustonskogo supervulkana, which resulted in North America covered in a layer of highly toxic ash polmetra. Also from the ashes of victims and other continents, but most importantly, that an aerosol of sulfuric acid has spread all over the world, covering the sun, the temperature fell to 20 degrees.

As a result, hundreds of thousands of people die from suffocation, transport and industry paralyzed. Everywhere tool marauders and newly sects. Your hero will travel to Africa, which received the least damage from the disaster, to start all over again, fighting for food and territory with the enemy, entering into alliances with other players, etc.

In continuation you can see screenshots of the game, characters and gameplay. Or just register on the site of the game.

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  • If you need any game trainer,cheat,wallpaper or any thing else PLEASE leave your requests here and i will save your requests as soon as possible (INSHAA ALLA)