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Runes of Magic - Second Chapter announced

Under the title The Elven Prophecy is Frogster in September 2009, the second chapter of Runes of Magic crack, this was during the E3 announced. As the name suggests, the integration of the elves as a people more playable race, the core element of the extension dar. Off the Elves hold two new character classes and advanced players indentation can look forward to new challenges in the form of dungeon, raid instances and PvP modes look . Because of the new content raises the level cap for all characters to 55 .

With the expansion adds Frogster a PET system. The players will have the opportunity their virtual companion to actively train, so that they become valuable supporters in the fight ripen. In addition, the graphics engine fundamentally revised: It is the new game regions, from brand new effects and textures hand-profit.

As the basic version of Runes of Magic and all previous updates, "Chapter II - The Elven Prophecy" free for download. Already in August, Frogster first content as the region "Lament of the coast" and to restore the level cap increase to level 52. The highlight of Chapter II follows with the official release in September.

"With the extensive Chapter II, we are seamlessly linked to our existing policy of regular content expansions for the game world of Runes of Magic. Until The Elven Prophecy we officially start, we will also be regular content updates," commented Daniel Ullrich, Director of Product Management at Frogster, the upgrade design.

Legend has allied itself in gray antiquity through runic power demons degenerate people with the Nagas and brought war and devastation across Taborea. Through an alliance of Elves with the people, we succeeded in the demons to banish the emptiness and the Nagas behind a magic spell to push wall. As an elf prince Sig'aylas but to defend his human lover, the holy sword Sickle light from the distant wall spell, it was fragile and the threat posed by the Nagas flared again.

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