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Karaoke Revolution Glee

  • Perform to Popular Chart-Topping Tunes – Sing up to 35 of your favorite songs from Season 1

  • Play alongside your favorite Glee Club character. Perform with characters from the show, including Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson, Will Schuester, and the rest of the cast

  • Compete in Multiplayer Singing Games – Play with a friend in duet or co-op mode to perfect your vocal harmonies

  • Unlock Bonus Content – Play through an immersive Scrapbook Mode, unlock themed items, and customize your very own Glee scrapbook

  • Improve Your Singing Skills – Get scored according to a vocal pitch and rhythm detector technology that accurately scores your vocal talent

Product Description
Calling all “gleeks!” For the very first time, fans will get a chance to perform their hearts out in this year’s version of Karaoke Revolution Glee. Filled with the show’s main characters, memorable scenes, and the unforgettable songs from Season 1, players of all ages will experience glee like never before. Belt out to chart-topping glee tunes, reenact scenes with friends and family, take center stage and own the moment on Wii this Fall!

Karaoke Revolution Glee

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