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Infernal (Diabolique: License to Sin)


Every thousand years a very rare planetary alignment makes Earth invisible to the Boss of the Bosses. Secret agencies of Heaven’s and Hell’s fighting each other for human souls, stop obeying any rules at all during that time. And even though Hell’s agency traditionally does not obey rules, the balance between good and evil becomes gravely endangered when their opponents from Heaven also stop observing the rules! Dark Eaville, is on a mission to stop Heaven’s agency and bring back the delicate balance between good and evil.


Never seen before Protagonist. On one hand Dark Eaville is trained secret agent equipped with luxury cars and hi-tech gadgets. On the other hand, he is a beast with fire in hands and a berserk lust

Graphics created with the latest technologies such as:

* Intensive use of the latest GPUs
* Shader model 3.0 where available
* Normal mapping technique for extremely detailed characters
* Full-screen Postprocessing Effects (FSE) for movie like looks
* Realtime, physically correct soft shadows.




Release Date: 23 February 2007
Genre: Action

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