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Anarchy Online: Lost Eden

The new expansion pack brings an awesome new range of features to Anarchy Online, created with love, attention to quality and with player feedback and wellbeing in mind. The expansion delivers content to all level ranges in the game, offering countless more hours of action to the citizens of Rubi-Ka. When purchasing Anarchy Online: Lost Eden you will also automatically receive the two previous expansion packs, Shadowlands and Alien Invasion, as well as the booster pack Notum Wars. This gives you the opportunity to explore years of great content!


- Fight for orbital supremacy by conquering level based battle stations in large PvP battles. Unleash the fury of the heavens.
- Feel the power of controlling huge Mechs on the battlefield.
- Crush the alien forces. Enter vast dungeons in the heart of alien motherships.
- Build and customize yourself further with advanced experience rewards. Boost your character with new special attacks and special stat bonuses.
- Partake in the escalated Omni-Tek vs. Clan conflict. Help your side to win as you call air strikes, use artillery, mine the battlefield, and unleash havoc from inside your mech.
- Protect your Notum bases with new SAM installations and stationary guns.
- Wield new weapons, items and armor.
- Embark on exciting new quests.



Release Date: 14 December 2006
Genre: MMO

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