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Rail Simulator

Rail Simulator will offer the opportunity for players to take charge of steam, diesel and electric trains on real routes in the UK and Germany. Challenging and fun gameplay will even enable players to design their own ideal journey routes. Rail Simulator will become the gold standard rail simulation title and will fully support the creation of add-on third party content.

Key features of the game:

* Stunningly realistic graphics & audio.
The game makes full use of modern graphics cards and EAX audio to achieve a believable environment.
* Accurate train driving simulation.
Careful measurement, modelling and simulation of real trains allow us to provide highly accurate handling characteristics.
* Steam, Diesel and Electric trains.
Contemporary and historic trains are provided with the game to appeal to all types of train enthusiast.
* Three levels of driving difficulty.
Each train can be driven in easy, intermediate or expert mode. Easy provides a wonderful “install and go” experience which allows even the novice driver to experience the thrill of train driving. But be warned, Expert mode requires an attention to detail in common with driving the actual train – take special care of every little detail!
* Passenger and Freight operations.
The environments and rolling stock supplied with the game let you focus on driving both passenger and freight – each needing its own specific skills.
* Hours of missions to test your skill as a train driver.
The game comes supplied with 15 scenarios to test your skill as a train driver. Can you meet the demanding task of driving a busy commuter train? Or maybe collecting the components of a freight load and delivering all of the parts on time to the right destination? Your performance on each mission is measured to provide feedback on your personal performance as a train driver.
* Free-roaming experience.
If you prefer a more leisurely approach, free-roam allows to you explore the routes at your own pace.
* Four real-world routes.
The game comes supplied with four routes (the four included are determined by the country of purchase). Each one is on average 90 miles long and both historic and current environments are featured.
* View the action unfolding from any angle
You can choose drive from the cab of your train, welding all the controls at the touch of a button; take a leisurely ride from one of the many carriages included; fly as high as a bird, taking in all the surroundings as you whisk along; maybe you wish to get up close to control all the junctions and switches from the track side.
* Fully functioning Turntables & Traversers
Train are big, and they aren’t always facing in the right direction. With this all new functionality, you can interact, operate, and perform tasks with increased efficiency.
* Localised Signalling Systems
No railway would be complete without accurate signalling allowing it to operate. Implemented into Rail Simulator is an extremely flexible signalling system using LUA Scripts. Using this system each route has completely accurate localised signal systems with real world functionality including all the bells and whistles.
* Complete World Editing tool suite
Included in the box is a full suite of editing tools to start making your own fully interactive worlds. The ability to lay track of immensely complex track, place all manner of detailed scenery objects with great accuracy and manipulate to a high degree as well as texture the landscape until your hearts content.
* Track laying made easy!
Rail Simulators advanced track laying system takes all the hassle out of creating a realistic railway line. Its simple point and click interface allows the user to lay vast amounts of track in minutes. Measure out any length, curve or gradient accurately and on more than one track at a time. Additional tools allow you to snap to near by tracks removing the need for tedious fine tuning, join any disconnected sections back together, and weld any sections that might have gaps. There are even tools that allow you to make changes even after you have finished laying your track.
* Additional Tools available for download
After a simple registration process, you will gain access to all the tools you need to add brand new content into Rail Simulator. The Asset Editor provides the facility for incredibly accurate implementation of any object or train you can imagine; And the Packager allows you to share all your new content with any other Rail Simulator users you wish.
* Get 'Developer' functionality
As a registered developer of content, you will be able gain access to in-depth documentation about all aspects of Rail Simulator, created by the team behind its production; learn tips and tricks from other advanced users in the Developers forum; and add additional functionally to Rail Simulator both inside and out.
* Major Enhancements to the Scenario Editor
Along side the downloadable Professional Tools is additional functionality for the Scenario Editor. Once added, these new tools allow users to create immersive and adventurous activities as well as recreate complex real world operations.

Rail Simulator Screenshots

Rail Simulator Trailer

Release Date: 01 November 2007
Genre: Simulator

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