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BioShock 2: Graphic Special with CGS

In CGSociety Jeff Weir of 2K Marin with an insight into the production of BioShock 2. According to the focus of the site is very grafiklastig, and so describes the animation supervisor of the team and others, like the look of the game developed.

The Art Deco style of the predecessor will of course keep up the challenge, however, was two new versions of Rapture to develop. One of them shows the advanced disintegration of the town years after the events of the first part, the other - the man probably in the form of flashbacks will visit - should Ryan'sche idyllic vision in her heyday show.

Most of the animations were created by hand (Keyframe animation), but would capture motion made no sense. Splicer and Big Daddys would not move like normal people, so Weir.

The game must naturally follow the same systems as BioShock, but it will also continue in the various improvements and refinements give. For example, shader special effects and post-processing algorithms developed for the sections that are directly in the water play, a peculiar 'biolumineszenten' look to give. Characters will look slightly better thanks to skin shaders and Subsurface-Scattering, moreover, the transition between water and dry areas dominated pretty modest.

Source: CGSociety.com

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