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Arena Wars Reloaded

Arena Wars Reloaded brings back fast-paced RTS action with modern graphics technology. Three screenshots from the action-packed strategy game show first impressions from the current alpha build.

All units and buildings for Arena Wars Reloaded were redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. Models with up to ten times the polygon count and modern shader effects make the game a graphical highlight in the RTS genre. Elaborate normal mapping of all units, buildings and terrain guarantees for detailed battles and realistic mayhem. The new screens also show off the new terrain shader effects and postscreen shaders.

Arena Wars Reloaded offers a unique combination of action and strategy in its fastpaced RTS battles: New graphics, a wealth of new features, proven balancing and many innovative ideas will once again attract fans of accessible strategy gaming.



Arena Wars Reloaded-Trailer

Release Date: 22 June 2007
Genre: Strategy

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