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Call for Heroes Pompolic Wars

Many years ago, a dimensional portal to the Outer Worlds was suddenly opened, and an enemy from the darkness encroached upon our world. Led by Pompolic, these armies of demonic hordes quickly overran most (but not all) of the planet. The origin of Pompolic is not known, but it is sure that this malevolent spiritual being possesses supernatural power, and his desire is obvious, possess the people and turn them into fellows of his dark army. The evil is spreading its power via his servants; the Dark Souls. These Dark Souls - protected by a horde of monsters - are poisoning the minds of his victims and making them slaves of evil. The denizens of this world are on the edge of total annihilation. However, a little hope still exists in the heart of the remaining citizens. They believe that there are brave hearts who can save the world from the source of the evil power. If the Dark Souls were to be captured, the onslaught would stop, and Pompolic would be defeated; the call for heroes is made...

* The game is placed in a fantasy world and divided into 12 maps.
* The player can choose between 2 characters.
* Each character has unique weapons and different abilities.
* There are 18 types of monsters, and at the end of the game the chief monster awaits the player. During the journey, the player gains experience which will help him to upgrade his strength, armor and health.
* The game uses the latest lighting and shadowing techniques, including real-time shadows, DOT3 bump mapping, water reflections, particle systems and more.
* Monsters also have advanced bump-mapping and lighting models including spectacular lighting.

Hardware Requirements

* Windows 2000/XP/Vista
* Pentium 4 1.6GHz or Athlon 1600+
* 384 MB system RAM
* nVidia GeForce FX or ATI Radeon 9500 with 64MB video RAM
* Sound Card
* 1.3GB hard disk space

Recommended system requirements

* Windows 2000/XP/Vista
* Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or Athlon 3000+
* 512 MB system RAM
* nVidia GeForce 6x00 or ATI Radeon 1x00 with 128MB video RAM
* Sound Card
* 1.3GB hard disk space


Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars Trailer

Release Date: 19 June 2007
Genre: RPG

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