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Anderson & The Legacy of Cthulhu

It takes the Protagonist Robert D. Anderson, last descendant of a counts dynasty, from New York to Germany around 1940, where he finds himself in the middle of the starting World War. Following his obscure and dire family history, he discovers a huge underground system of cages and caverns beneath his ancestors’ castle. There the legendary ?Order of the black sun” jeopardizes live as it exists with dark blasphemous rituals…


* Thrilling storyline based upon H.P. Lovecraft's ideas and set in Bavaria 1940
* Playable novel with 15 unique chapters, ranging from castles & dungeons to lost worlds in space
* 12 weapons: Pistols, rifles, German secret weapons of WWII, alien technology, destructive spells of the Great Old Ones
* 4 multiplayer arenas for up to 8 players
* Huge Bonus Pack
* 100% fan-made
* Game - Artworks featured by the successful Artist Peter Siedl
* Cutscenes directed by award-winning Producer Gerhard Daurer

Hardware Requirements

Processor Athlon 2600+
512 MB RAM
graphic card 64 MB

Anderson & The Legacy of Cthulhu Demo

Anderson & The Legacy of Cthulhu Screenshots

Anderson & The Legacy of Cthulhu Trailer

Release Date: 25 July 2007
Genre: Action

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