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The Bad, The Ugly, And The Sober

Times are always tough and things just got a whole lot tougher for you. Penniless, retired and homeless, all thanks to a brief moment of compassion. What were you meant to do? The injured red Indian needed your help or he was going to die, how could you refuse a dying man?

Well, maybe if you'd known that Black Bill's bandits were after him and wouldn't take kindly to you sticking your nose in where it wasn't wanted. And they really didn't. It's not like the farm really made all that good a living, but at least it was yours, a change from your transient, sharp-shooter days.

But now you've got to go back to it again, without your farm and without the capital to rebuild it your only hope is Westtown's infamous bandit-tournament. Organized in memory of notorious robber James Starr, set up to test the skills of the best bandits in the old West the cash prize isn't the main draw. Starr's reputed treasure map is to be given to the final overall winner.

So that means some tough competition, and you're not getting any younger and you just know Black Bill's goons are never going to be far away with this sort of booty up for grabs...

Key features:

* Over 35 visually beautiful locations
* Animated backgrounds
* Action-orientated quests and puzzles
* Engaging and funny script driving the story along

The Bad, The Ugly, And The Sober Screenshots

The Bad, The Ugly, And The Sober Trailer

Release Date: Q4 2007
Genre: Adventure

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