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MU Online Cry Wolf

3D online game MU produced by Webzen is a full 3D MMORPG that appeared first in Korea. MU is a fantasy RPG game having legendary MU Continent as the subject matter. Its theme is to become an adventurer to save the Continent. Before adventuring into MU Continent, you can select one of three classes, Dark Knight, Elf, Dark Wizard and you can find Magic Gladiator which is a Hidden Character in the game. The beautiful surroundings made by full 3D may have you doubt whether it is possible to be operated smoothly as an online game. However, Open GL Full 3D Engine developed by Webzen’s technology has made it possible. What is happening in fantastic MU Continent that had existed in a legend? Let’s have a tour of it.

It has been long since MU Empire with thousands years of history lost its control over the Continent. While the central government was losing its power, feudal lords went into fights in order to get the control over MU Continent. Owing to repeated killings in the long war, the beautiful MU Continent was no longer itself. It was the very time that MU Continent got wrapped in a whirlpool of blood.

Antonias’ ambition to control MU Continent was so excessive that he was easily deceived by wizard Lemulia and brought Kundun, Devil of Darkness, to life. Seeing that his lovely daughter was torn out by Kundun’s teeth in front of him, Antonias wept tears of blood and repented. Finally, he got killed by Lemulia. However, Antonias’ death had no significance any longer because Kundun has already been revived.

Only the way to keep the tragedy in MU Continent, which was made by wrong desire, is to find 8 sealing stones and then, seal Kundun again with them. Who can make it? Devil of Darkness has already started to take actions to destroy MU Continent. Start now! Only the sword in your hand can keep Kundun.

Hardware Requirements

* CPU Pentium 2 - 300 Mhz Pentium III 500 Mhz or above RAM32MB or obove 64MB or above OS Win9X, Win2000
* Graphic Card 3D acceleration Card
* (Voodoo2.TNT)

Release Date: 27 March 2007
Genre: MMO

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